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Make-Believe Lives Part 8: Meet Ben, The Doctor Wannabe

Ben is a kid who is smart and empathetic with almost every living creature and cried whenever he sees a dead animal on the roadside. Ben also joined scouting because he always wanted to save the people or the animals. He became a well-known scout for his services as well as his deeds in the volunteering field. Out of curiosity, his father asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up. Without a shed of a doubt Ben wanted to be a doctor. Ben’s father is fully aware that no matter how many shifts as a janitor he takes he would not be able to support his son’s dreams but how can he tell a young boy that?

As Ben grew up he educated himself to learn more about scouting and all that is associated within and through this he continued to excel. Many people suggested that Ben should be a psychiatrist but he wants to be a doctor.

Understanding that his family would not be able to pay his college tuition, Ben engaged in different activities that would take the mind off the stress.

Knowing more info about trade school is the best way to go and through this, Ben’s fate is sealed. He wanted to free his parents from the burden of paying for school so what he did was work in which he did odd jobs but paid good money and it was not that long he earned enough to study.

Since he was not able to be a doctor, Ben got to be a medical assistant instead.

Secured and stable yet Ben was not satisfied with what he has and he wanted to discover more about what is there to life.

That is why he went back to school and later revealed to his parents that he was gay. The first response Ben got was frustration and anger but later on his family became more accepting. Ben also decided to do a blog for his everyday journey through a website he created for himself.

Ben stopped his rendezvous when he met his partner Jake, a doctor at the hospital which he is working too.

Through time they realized that both of them are made for each other and gave marriage a shot. Ben and Jake were to be wed if the stipulation for each of them is met.

Jake was tasked to pay off his student debts while Ben, on the other hand, must cut time from work to be with his partner. Both complied with their designated conditions and are traveling the world together, which is documented through Ben’s blogs about the couple’s adventure.

The couple just got their first fur baby and now living a happy ever after with each other.

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