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Living a Fearless Life

Some people swear by fear as the greatest motivator for their best actions. They attach a lot of importance to the feeling of fear. They find it more productive regarding motivation when compared to curiosity, ambition or need. This belief in its ability to generate something positive is what removes its negative contributions from their minds.
What they do not realize is that fear is not physically or psychologically healthy for people. Fear has been known to bring about chronic health issues and mental instability. It puts an end to your dreams and relationships. You need to watch out for that feeling of fear. It certainly needs not be seen as a motivator.

Fear has been proven to induce physiological changes. There have been experiments that have proven how fear causes physiological shifts the moment you feel it and as time goes. You shall have an immediate flight or fight response, which prepares your body for either response. You thus have your physical state changed. You then get to learn that similar reactions in future deserve similar response, which now causes this info to stick with you permanently. When you are always afraid; you are highly susceptible to anxiety disorders, depression, and premature death.

AS long as you think of the things happening to you as out of fear, your brain shall keep tracking them and linking them to fear, no matter how calm you are. This is best demonstrated by the things we associate stress with. We now know just how terrible stress is to our health.

Fear is also known for leaving you always on survival mode. It is important to have survival instincts, but you cannot live your whole life in survival mode. The constant feeling is not good for your mind or body. You will have a diminished capacity to enjoy building loving relationships, caring for your family, and being a positive force in society. These things are killed by fear.

Fear also comes in to destroy how you see things. You are only concerned with the threats to your life. You cannot afford to look at things holistically. This lowers all the things you can feel in life. You are left unable to conceptualize time, anticipate the future properly, and hold different perspectives and opinions. You shall grow narcissistic or feel victimized. At work, you shall not manage to collaborate in teams, ignore business growth opportunities, and keep a poor work-life balance.

Fear can alter your behavior. People turn anxious, depressed, narcissistic, desperate, and violent. Fear does not have your best interests at heart. This is done by your truth, which is undermined by fear. The truth gives you freedom to enjoy life. Fear is there to kill off this concept. You will thus discover more joy in life if you shun fear and embrace your truth.

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