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A Guide To Understanding The Typical Symptoms Of Being Overweight

Recent studies have shown that about 70% of Americans are overweight and only about 36% of them admit they have a weight problem which was not the case in the 1990s. Most people in society today do not realize that they are overweight. This article is going to be useful to you because you will find out more information on the common symptoms of being overweight and why you should pay more attention to them.

One of the top symptoms of an overweight person is when they have trouble breathing. When you have trouble breathing, it is a clue that there is no expansion happening to your lungs because they may be blocked by your excess weight. When you develop arthritis, it could also be another common symptom of being overweight. When you have arthritis, and at the same time you are heavy, your body will be prone to inflammation, and you should ensure that you lose weight so that to reduce the pain in your joints. Depression is the other common symptom that may show you are overweight. There is a study which has shown that the more depressed you are, the more likely you’re going to be overweight and that overweight people are more likely going to be depressed. The other common symptom of being overweight is when you have high cholesterol. You should know that high cholesterol may trigger a heart attack and this will you need to ensure you visit a doctor for any treatments that may be offered to you.

When you are overweight, you will also experience another common symptom of being overweight known as sleep apnea in which you will find that you wake up in the middle of the night because you are unable to complete. When you are overweight, you will also have gallstones forming in the gallbladder because the bile will not be able to move properly through the gallbladder as usual. It is also a common symptom that those people who are overweight may encounter type II diabetes which is associated with insufficiency of glucose flowing from your blood into the various body parts. Another common symptom among those people who are overweight is cancer as some medical journals have established that people who are overweight are not likely going to screen properly for cancer which means that they may develop cancer without being detected for a long period. For those who are interested in discovering more about the other top symptoms of being overweight, be sure to check out this site.

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