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The Methods Applied When Cleaning Carpets

It is true that you have a wide range of carpet cleaning companies for you to choose from. They will often price their services differently. You will find that they apply different methods in pursuit of cleaning your carpet. It is therefore necessary for you to understand various methods that are used in carpet cleaning. It is through this that you will be able to reach a more informed decision whenever you are selecting such companies. The following are some of the most common methods that are applied by these professionals.

We often have the steam type of carpet cleaning. It is one of the most prevalent methods. So many manufacturers advice that this method be considered. You will learn that it uses hot water that is highly pressured to extract all dirt. A cleaning agent will often be applied on the surface of the carpet. This is the pre-treatment stage. An agitation, brushing and then rinsing of the carpet will afterwards follow. This carpet will actually be washed by specialized equipment. A number of these equipment can actually be found in a more portable form. Usually, a duration of 2 hours will be enough for this cleaning to be done. The carpet will then be placed in room temperature for it to dry. Then comes the carpet shampooing method. It is preferred whenever you need to clean a heavily soiled carpet.

There is also the encapsulation method. It is necessary to state that it is widely appreciated for carpets that are of commercial grade. This method often uses synthetic detergents. You will then find that there will be crystallization of this as soon as it gets to dry. There will be the encapsulation of dirt particles in this powder. Upon the drying of foam, this carpet will get to be vacuumed. You will note that it is the best for relatively stained carpets. You will actually find that it hardly uses too much water. It is also known to be eco-friendly. This is due to the fact that it hardly leaves behind any harsh chemicals. Dry cleaning is one other method. It involves spraying a cleaning solution so as to attract soil. This solution will be the one to break down all soil particles. A buffing machine will then have to be used. This machine will seek to remove any soil deposit during this process. You will actually find that this method will make sure that the carpet dries within a very short time.

Then comes the host cleaning. It takes into account the use of an attractant that will remove all the soil in the carpet. A specific machine will then be used to buff this carpet. This method is relatively more cost efficient.

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