Lessons Learned from Years with Schools

High School Quotes

After the struggle of high school one has to diplomat to college or university which is a more senior school. In order to ensure that the continuing students from high school reach the goals of the students who have cleared, the former students usually leave something behind which will influence and motivate them. Therefore, they usually compile a list of inspiring quotes in their student yearbooks before joining to the next level of education. Some of the inspiring quotes which are found in student yearbooks include the following.

Bruce Willis was a scholar who said that in order to become successful in life you have to become a professional harp player or become deliriously happy. The senior yearbook of Bruce Willis is where the above quote was contained and every quote which uses or attempt to use the word deliriously most of the time it usually refers to his quote.

Another quote that the former student noted down is that they didn’t spend all their time in their closet trying to dress well. This quote may look more of self-depreciating humor but there is nothing important as someone trying to appreciate herself or himself for the little things he or she did. Regardless of how you may look this quote usually inspire one to love himself or herself. One of the good thing that one can do even at your least moment is loving yourself and showing that love to everybody including your school classmates.

Another quote which was considered to be perfect in the yearbook of former student is that even though the roof may look huge I will raise it. The student emphasized on this quote by saying that whenever you are in doubt it is always good to raise the roof. This quote helps everyone to applause their personal life with the little thing they usually do.

It is good to strive than staying and watching, and this was another famous quote which was extracted from Sigourney Weaver who was a famous actor. ” Please God, Please, don’t let me be normal”, this were the words which was used by Sigourney Weaver as a quote which was found in his actual yearbook.

It is always good to first learn how to play with tall grass if you want to play with big boys, and this was a quote from a certain scholar known as Tom Brandy. The above quote means that if you want to go through bad moments in your life without struggling it is good to use a poise.

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