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The Top Tips on How You Should Wear a Suit Lapel Pin so That to Be Stylish

With many lapel pins being available, you can use them to add a personal style to your suit. The vintage fashion of men has made a comeback today, and it is easy to incorporate to your wardrobe as adding a lapel pin on your suit. Many men, however, do not know how to wear a lapel pin properly. This article is going to help you learn more about the best tips on how you should wear a suit lapel pin.

We will start by describing what a lapel pin is for the sake of those who may not be familiar with it. A small pin which has a wide range of size and style and is worn on the lapel of a jacket for decoration is known as a lapel pin. Many different types of lapel pins are available and help men to find the perfect fit for their jackets. You will find that the most common types of lapel pins include the flower lapel pins that you will mostly find being used in weddings and other events, the badge lapel pins that are mainly small in size and the personalized lapel pins that are made according to your preferences and tastes.

You should make sure that you are well-informed about the type of lapel pin to wear for each and every occasion which you attend. It is recommended that the lapel pin which you wear also suits your personal style and not only the occasion. For example, at a wedding, you should use a floral lapel pin. When you attend meetings, some of the lapel pins which you should consider include the collar pins, monogram lapel pins or the long stem lapel pins. When it comes to casual get together events, be at liberty of choosing a personalized lapel pin or a vintage lapel pin.

The moment that you determine the best lapel pin to wear, the next step is to ensure that you wear it correctly. When you are attending a wedding, for example, the lapel pin should coordinate with the theme of the wedding or the bridal party. Your lapel pin for the business occasion should be within the range of silver, gold or metallic color patterns. It is important always to remember that the lapel pin is made to enhance your outfit and you should not wear many of them at a time. To learn more about lapel pins, click here.

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