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The Importance of the Septic Tanks

A septic tank is usually constructed from a precast concrete. These kind s of tanks are normally placed in the houses and homes that do not have access to a public external drainage. To ensure that the dirty water does not find its way into the residential areas, the drain fields are also constructed. We can therefore assume that the septic tanks are systems that may be used in the treatment of waste water.

The importance of the septic tanks is that they release the water back into the environment after the water has been treated and is finally clean. The main function of the septic tank is to ensure that water has been cleansed before it finds its way into the ground. In other cases, the septic tanks also collect water from the toilets. The dirty water is usually treated in the different chambers that are usually found inside the septic tanks. This treatment is done before the dirty water is actually released back into the environment. The heavier materials settle at the bottom of the tank while the heavier ones move to the surface of the water.

Oils and grease are some of the lighter materials that always settle ate the top of the water. A number of ways may be used to ensure that the dirty water has been treated in an efficient way. The systems that may be used in the treatment of the dirty water may include the aerobic and the anaerobic systems. The anaerobic systems do not use oxygen during the treatment of water. The treatment of water actually occurs and the whole process actually occurs in two sections inside the system. Only a little treatment of water takes place in the anaerobic septic tank. Electricity is not used in the process. In addition, no maintenance is required for the process.

On the other hand, the aerobic systems require oxygen for their treatment of dirty water. The system also relies on the aerobic bacteria to be able to break down the aerobic solids that are found inside the septic tank. Very little of the aerobic process takes place in the disposal fields since most of the reaction take place in the septic tank. Processing also takes place in the septic tanks.

Once processing has been completed, the aerobic tank become cleaner as compared to the anaerobic ones. Not only does this system benefit the people who live around the water bodies, but also the ones that live in small villages. Foothill sanitary is an institution that works to ensure that the septic tanks have been taken care of in a good way.

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