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What Should You Name Her? Top 7 Popular Baby Girl Names That Are Making A Comeback in 2018

Honestly, it is already hard to choose a name for a puppy how much more if you pick your daughter’s name? Given that there are a lot of baby girl names how can you choose the one that is best for your little girl?

This article did just about that and it compiled the top 7 baby girl names that are popular as of 2018. So without further ado, enumerated are the following gorgeous baby girl names that you can choose from.

The first name is Ava which is said to be related to Eve from the Bible, except maybe changing a few vowels. Some also said that it is from the Latin word for bird, nonetheless, where it comes from it shows sophistication and fierceness. Feel free to view here for more baby girl names that have Latin origins..

Charlotte is made popular after the British Royal Princess was born. It is also a city in North Carolina that is home to great histories and museums. Learn more about what country or city names you can name after your child.

Made famous by the great Shakespeare, Olivia is from the word olive. The counterpart of Oliver is Olivia, meaning brave.

What is great about Disney is that they have fascinating names for princess, Aurora is quite the most head turning, well, in fact, she is Sleeping Beauty. Aurora can also mean light, like that aurora borealis in the polar regions. Click here for more details about baby girl names that are as unique as Aurora.

Sophia or Sofia or any other spelling will do, nothing excites little girls than knowing that they are named after a princess.

The name of many queens in Europe, Isabella is made popularized because of its royal heritage is the name of royals. You can easily shorten Isabella into Bella or Issy, there are also various ways to spell it. There is a treasure cove of baby girl names that are of royal heritage, discover more about here.

Coming from the German word, Emma means universal or whole. It is also the name of the actress who played as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter franchise, Emma Watson. There are a lot of many beautiful Emmas in the world and your daughter can be a part of that team too.

Surely, you now have a clue as to what your future princess should be named? If you have not found the right one yet then do not stress out, just enjoy the pregnancy and then your daughter’s name comes when she does.

Lend a hand to your a woman in your life who needs this list, maybe they can get inspiration for their baby girl’s name here.

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