Everything You Should Know about Banana Republic Credit Card

Are you interested to apply Banana Republic Credit Card? Or, are you the new holder of this credit card? Congratulations! You choose the best credit card for your purchasing. Are you wondering what you can get from this credit card and how to manage the account? Here is everything you should know about this credit card.Can you use gap card at Banana Republic?

How to Apply

If you are going to apply yourself as the member of this credit card, make sure if you have US address, have an identification number of taxpayer, and at least you are 18 years old. You should understand the credit terms and consent to electronic communications and confirm your acceptance and agreement of it.

Open Banana Republic Credit Card’s site for an online application. Fill the required field to complete your information, such as your first and last name, address, city, state, zip, primary phone, email address, annual net income, and length of time at current address.

After filling the field with all those information, you should verify your personal information by entering your date of birth, SSN/ITN, and also mother’s maiden name. This verification is useful to help protecting your personal information previously you have filled.

Then, you should choose the statement delivery for your billing statement. For ‘Electronic Statements’, you will be received monthly notification of your billing statement online. By logging in to the ‘View Statement’ link, you can review your new electronic statement. While, there is no email notification for ‘Paper Statement’.

One of the most important information you need to know are the credit terms and consent to electronic communications. You should understand every point of the credit card you want to apply and give your agreement by clicking the box beside the statement, ‘I agree that I have read and agree…”. Then, click the secure submission.

Manage Your Account Online

Nowadays, you can manage your account online. It is really easy to do. You just simply go to Banana Republic Credit Card login page. Then, register your user ID and don’t forget to type the password. You can enter the credentials when you are going to login.

Through this account management system, you can easily check your credit card balance, you also can activate your card, add authorized person to use your account, make payments, and sign up for paperless statements.

Overview of Banana Republic Card

Banana Republic has the Banana Republic Credit Card and the Banana Republic Visa Card. You can decide which one you will get. The first one I mentioned has the seven features you need to know. The features are following.

1. Variable APR

This credit card has a variable purchase annual percentage rate (APR). It will vary the marked according to the Prime Rate. When you pay all of your bill by the due date, then you will not pay any interest.

2. Rewards

Many rewards are available for you as the holders of this credit card. Firstly, you will get 20% off at your first purchase when you open a new credit card with Banana Republic. Secondly, you will get other benefits of earning points when you shop. On the ground Banana Republic is a clothing store under the Gap Inc. umbrella.

Not only that, other stores are also under the same umbrella include Gap, Old Navy, and Athleta. If you shop at these stores, whether online or in-store, you will get five points for every dollar you spent. If you shop at the other stores using Visa Card, you will earn one point for every dollar. In addition, every time you get 500 points, you will get a five-dollar reward.

3. Perks

Other exclusive benefits are available for credit card holders which are offered by Banana Republic. You can get double points shopping days, a birthday gift, no receipt required for returns, special discounts and offers, and free standard shipping on all orders of 50 dollars or more.

4. Security

You do not need to be worry about the security of your credit card within purchasing and payment activities. Because Banana Republic Visa has a signature in preventing deception. If there is a deception occurs, you will not be liable.

5. Tech

You can easily manage your rewards online regarding to online account management that has been developed by The Banana Republic. With logging in to the rewards dashboard, you can see how many points you have earned, your pending points, your progress rewards and your next tier status, and also the bonus cash you have received.

You may redeem the points both online and in-store with a simple click. You can also have your rewards which are sent to you in a text message. Moreover, a mobile wallet is available for you to do purchase using AndroidPay, ApplePay, or SamsungPay.

6. Customer Service

The Banana Republic Credit Card using online account management to take care of many needs of customers for the service. But, you can still reach a live person by phone, email, or snail email. The customer service for The Banana Republic standard card is 866-450-2330.

While the phone number of customer service for the Luxe Card is 866-450-2335. You may also see many frequently asked questions which are also answered on customer service page of The Banana Republic.

7. Luxe

Banana Republic offers premier card member status called Luxe. By earning 5,000 points within one year, you can attain it and get many benefits. The benefits you can get are triple point shopping days, 20% additional rewards points according to your earnings in a three-month period.

Additionally, you can get free shipping on all online orders, and choose your own day sale, unlimited free changing on Banana Republic merchandise. You also can get an exclusive credit card of Banana Republic at customer service line.

Those are all about The Banana Republic Credit Card you should know. You can enjoy many benefits when using this credit card. It will make your purchasing and payment activities easier. Moreover, you can get interesting rewards based on your earned points.

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