Can you pay a credit card with a credit card

transferring a balance to another credit cardHigher needs have made many people do various ways to meet all the needs of his life, some of them may have to work day and night but not infrequently also found people who always try to earn money just to cover the debt that has been owned previously. People who always dig a hole like this can do various ways, such as making a new loan at another bank to cover the old loan or even someone who tried to pay off credit card bills before with another credit card. Then Can you pay a credit card with a credit card? Yes you hear that right sometimes there are question if we can pay credit card bill with another credit card? That question may have often crossed our minds and we will explain it.

Question regarding can you pay a credit card with a credit card

The answer regarding can you pay a credit card with a credit card is actually simple, you can do it. However, paying credit card bills using another credit card is actually a very extreme way, you may have encountered someone who has more than one credit just to do this, maybe you would assume if this is a reasonable way but actually not a wise thing because however. Any withdrawals you make in cash through a credit card will actually give you interest on each withdrawal and this is just the same as opening a bigger hole.

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When people think on can you pay a credit card with a credit card, most people think that it will give them easy money. However, in reality the bills for each credit card you own are still there and the greater if you do this constantly then it is not possible that your life will be even harder because your credit card bill and interest will keep on stacking and increase the credit you have.

Paying credit card bill with other credit card is not a solution but another problem after all. Try to use your credit card only for productive goods that can be used as repayment in the future. Realizing the true meaning of a credit card can be a wise way for anyone to use their credit card. A credit card is not a tool that can meet all your needs, you still have to pay what you have purchased with a more expensive price. In the end, we hope that answer the question about can you pay a credit card with a credit card. It is not a good solution and extremely harmful which should be avoided at all cost.

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