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Arguments on the Golden Age of Television

There are quite a number of people who think that this is the Golden age of television and this is because of looking at a number of factors. According to research, there has been a lot of change in the television industry and that is why, these people may end up thinking this way. For these people, looking at a number of television shows that have been produced by a number of cable TV channels means that this is the best television time. There are a lot of arguments that can be said against the fact that this is the Golden age of television. The changes that have happened in the television industry have been very big for example, there are very many shows that are produced by cable TV channels and also streaming platforms like Netflix. In the past, this is not the case because, watching movies was from using the VCR and not on television. However, things have really changed today with a lot of money going into television shows and many people are watching the television shows from this platform today. There are a number of issues that you have to look at for you to make the best decision and this article explains them.

In the past, television shows had to be complete in one episode because people could forget what the other episode was about since they had to wait for whole week. Because the Internet is available today, you can follow up on a story as you continue watching a whole season, something which is not possible in the past. There are a number of great shows that have been produced in television and they have been able to receive critical acclaim. Watching from the television today is not very difficult because there are very many TV shows available. Not all of the content that is on TV today is content and this is a major problem. According to many of the critics, it is better to have quality content at all times rather than have a lot of content that is not of good quality. Your perspective about a certain company can easily be damaged if you watch one of their shows which is very nice yet, they are also produced others that are poorly done. By looking at such aspects, it’ll be possible for you to understand or to make a decision regarding whether this is the Golden age of television.

Issues of prestige have also been noted when it comes to film and television today. Considering this to be the Golden age of television may not necessarily be a good idea.

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